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                                                                              December 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year wishes to all!

We hope that this mini-issue of the Families Newsletter finds you well.  It's been a busy and eventful year, and this is a great time to reflect on what has been, and plan for what is to come.

Take a quiet few moments to yourself, and look back on the past year.  What were you hoping for at this time last year?  What were you able to accomplish?  What did not happen?  

Don't be too hard on yourself!  Sometimes we find that the goals we set change, or perhaps it is we who change and so the goal becomes less important.  What matters is to take some time now, to assess where we are, and decide what we may need to add or take away in our lives.  

Then, find a way to make one small change every week.  It's more fun, and more likely to work, if you find one positive thing to do or add.  So, add a walk to your routine, or an new vegetable to your diet, or a new friend to your life!

By this time next year, you'll be surprised at all the good things that have come into your life.  Without even trying, you will have removed some of the less positive things, because there just won't be room for them!

May you have a wonderful holiday season, and a New Year full of blessings!

Deborah Tucker, MA, MFT

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Upcoming Talks

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006 -- Deborah Tucker will speak to the Saturday Preschool parents at Building Blocks Preschool.  Her topic will be Positive Discipline Skills.

"Celebrate the Family": a Conference for Parents, Teachers and Childcare Providers" -- Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006 from 8 am to 1 pm, at Newbury Park High School, 456 Reino Road, Newbury Park.  Click here to download a printable description and registration flyer.  (Please be patient -- it takes a little time!)

Deborah Tucker, MFT, will speak on the "The One Woman Juggling Act", about keeping our lives in balance.  Shiro Torquato, PhD, will speak on "Parents --  The Anti-Drug: truth or Propaganda?"

In the next full issue of our Newsletter, we will have articles on achieving balance in our lives, and on how parents can combat the influence of drugs in our culture.  

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