Pornography and Young Men: What they don't know can really hurt them

Time Magazine recently printed a thought-provoking article on the effects that pornography can have on sexual performance, desire, and perhaps even the brain.  We discuss it on our blog, at

An Attachment Approach to Improving Relationships

When you're struggling in your relationship, arguments can feel like bombs going off.  Learn a bit about how a focus on "attachment" can really make a difference.  You'll see a recommendation to a great book that may truly change your relationship for the better, as well!  Go to http://tinyurl/couple-conflict

Money is the Root of All...Conflict

Couples often come in saying that the biggest topic they fight about is money.  Not surprising since few of us were taught directly about how to handle money, let alone how to discuss it with our  spouse.  To learn more, go to

I’ve found over the years that people have lots of questions and sometimes fears about what will happen at a first appointment. So to help answer those questions and relieve those fears, I’ve been publishing of series of articles on what to expect when you first start counseling.  Please share this information with anyone you know who has questions.