Do Fathers Matter?  Of Course They Do!

Fathers matter

It’s so important these to recognize that, even though many people may not be in an ideal situation and still do very well, what’s generally  best for children is to live with their mother and father.  See our blog for a link to a salute to all of the dads, young, old, and deceased, who made a difference in their children’s lives by just being there.  

Important College Financial and Legal Info

College legal and financial infoThere are some legal and financial issues that should be addressed when your son or daughter goes off to college. If your child has turned or will turn 18 during the next year, she is legally an adult, and you, her parent, lose the legal authority to make decisions on her behalf. That means that you have no legal right to see her grades, to manage her finances (although you remain responsible for paying her college tuition), or to make medical decisions or speak with her doctor. So, before she goes off to college, consider asking her to sign some documents that will allow you to continue to help your child.    

This info, published on our blog,  comes to us from Gail Grand of , located in Westlake Village, CA.  Please take a look at her website for more great information.

“Inside Asperger’s Looking Out” — a book review

Aspergers book reviewDr. Shiro Torquato, child psychologist, published a review of an excellent book written for children, describing the  differences and strengths of  children on the autism spectrum.  She notes that the book projects a very positive message of acceptance and understanding.   See her review on our blog, and let us know what you think. 

Featured Therapist -- Meet Maureen Kaye

This issue our featured therapist is Maureen Kaye, MA.   She has had a wide variety of experience, including specialized training in working with children, couples and trauma.  You can read more about her on our website on her profile page.


Dental Anxiety or Phobia? Help is available!

Many people have a fear of dentists.  Anxiety about dental visits is extremely common, and may be related to having had a bad experience as a child, a painful experience as an adult, or having a very sensitive nervous system that translates mild discomfort into pain.  If you believe that you have symptoms of dental anxiety or dental phobia that keep you from taking care of your teeth, please check out our article on our website.  There are lots of ways that we can help, and what’s great is that none of them hurt!