Why Do People Come To Therapy?

Counseling SessionWondering about how therapy helps?  Why share your problems with a stranger, and how could it possibly help?  The answers, of course, are as varied as people themselves, writes Deborah Tucker, M.A.

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Sensory Integration Dysfunction

If your child seems over-reactive to things that don't bother other children, Dr. Shiro Torquato explains a condition that may apply.  Understanding this can help you help your child.

Deep Breathing and Relaxation for Stress

 See the article for some great tips on how to manage stress.  These are easy to do, and just take a few minutes.

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Self-Help Tools for Mild Depression

Depression is very common, and often there are simple changes we can make to improve our symptoms.  Deborah Tucker provides a list of what can help.

What is Play Therapy?

As part of our "Best of Families Counseling" series, we reprinted an article by Maureen Kaye, M.A.  In it she explains the process and benefits of Play Therapy.  You may be surprised to learn that it can be very useful to adults and families!