Teens falling asleep very late might be a disorder

Most teens like to go to bed late and wake up late.  But if your teen routinely can't sleep until 2, 3 or 4 am, it might point to a sleep disorder.  Take a look at our blog post by clicking on the title, and see what you think.  If so, there are lots of ideas that can help.



"I'll take away everything until he gets an A!"

 Dr. Shiro Torquato, licensed clinical psychologist, has some great pointers on why taking away your child's "stuff" when they get bad grades might not be an effective strategy.  Read the article to see if your child's situation might benefit from some different reactions on your part.                       photo from Microsoft clipart


It's not too late to start the school year right

We found a great article that has pointers and tips on how to make the school year go better.  These are ideas you can use at any point.  See how many you already do, and what you'll want to add to your "toolbox".


Want to be happy? Smile! (and other posture/emotion connections

It's amazing how much our body affects our brain, and vice versa.   For instance, did you know that if you simply smile, you are likely to feel happier?  There are many other interesting connections between expressions or posture and emotions.  Take a look at our blog post for a link to a whole list of these.  It's fascinating!