Bad grades on report card?  What now? 

If your child’s last report card has you worried, we have some suggestions for you.  Take a look at our blog article for a helpful link, and two book suggestions.  If you need more, our therapists are here to help.

photo by AJCI

How to improve your family financial picture

 Well, your “family fiscal year” just ended, and a new one has begun. Are you pleased with your “profit and loss statement”? How about your “balance sheet”? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, our blog post is sure to help.

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How to "Fight Fair"

Nobody likes to argue, but if we need to have a argument, it certainly helps to have some conflict resolution skills.  Everyone can benefit from learning how to “fight fair” — couples, family members, co-workers — all of us can benefit from better skills.  Our article has links to some great tools.

Hypnotherapy: How can it help? 

Every so often, it’s fun to re-visit topics that we have covered in the past.  We get frequent questions from new callers and current clients about hypnosis.  They wonder what it really is, and whether it can help with their particular problem.  They also wonder why it is important to see a licensed therapist who is also trained in hypnosis.  Read more in the full article.