Back to school -- now what?

Whether we have children in school or not, September is that time year when we think of new beginnings, getting organized, and learning new things. Our blog article talks about all of this and more. Take a look!

School bullying — a different approach

Bully Box

This article was posted June 6th, but is so important to mention now as kids start back to school. Dr. Izzy Kallman and his “Bullies to Buddies” approach has some great ideas to empower kids. We’d love to hear what you think!

Image by Wesley Fryer via Flickr

Chronic pain — some ideas for help

Millions of people deal with chronic pain every day. Proper medical diagnosis and medication is the first step, but then what? Our article has some important avenues to explore, including mindfulness, guided imagery, hypnosis and more. There’s a link to a great website, and a helpful book as well.

Chronic illness and your relationship

The spouse is often the silent partner in dealing with chronic illness. All too often, marriages impacted by chronic illness are at risk of divorce. If you or someone you know is dealing with a long-term illness, you’ll want to read our review of a recent article in More magazine. There’s a link to the article, and a good listing of websites that provide information and support for care-giving spouses.

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