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December 2008

Grieving during the holidays

 Grieving is always hard, and even more so during special times like the holidays.  We gathered together some links that are helpful, including news about a summer conference especially for widows that promises to be a very positive and healing experience.

Video game addiction

Does this term apply to you or someone you love?  The answer may surprise you.  We've gathered information from both professionals and gamers on how to distinguish a hobby from an addiction.

Put yourself on a “stress diet”

 Are you feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by the stresses around you?  Deborah Tucker suggests rationing your input of stress,  and gives some helpful suggestions for how to do so.

The Gift of Time

 “Stress management” and “time management” go hand in hand.   Shiro Torquato, our clinical psychologist, has some great suggestions for managing the “evening mayhem” at home.  

What is Play Therapy?  Is it right for my child?

 Maureen Kaye, a licensed MFT and Registered Play Therapist, is the right person to ask.  She explains what play therapy is, why it helps, and who may benefit from it. 

Meet our new therapists

 In our last newsletter issue, we welcomed Maureen Kaye and Jeff Kropp.  We are also pleased to welcome Maria di Battista, MA, MFT.  She is available on Saturdays, and is bilingual in Spanish.  

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