Stressed? try a 20 minute mindfulness meditation

Can we learn how to be more relaxed?  The answer is “yes”!  Just taking a “breathing break” for 5 to 20 minutes can help immensely.  Deborah Tucker gives a short lesson in how to do this in our blog “Heart, Mind, Body and  Soul”.  Check out the posting for August 10, or go to our Newsletters page for a link.

The Gift of Time

Shiro Torquato, our clinical psychologist, has written an article that can help us regain time that is “stolen” in some subtle ways by our technology-dominated culture.  Find out how by going to our blog, or go to our Newsletters page for a link.

Long-forgotten head injury may be the cause of symptoms now

The Wall Street Journal published an article detailing how past blows to the head, resulting in unconsciousness or confusion, may be the cause of current problems in functioning for many people.  Apparently as many as 15% of those who had such injuries may now be suffering symptoms that they don’t realize are related.  Read the article at the WSJ website. Or, go to our webpage, and click on Newsletters for a direct link.

Meet our new therapists

We are pleased to welcome two new therapists to our offices.  Maureen Kaye, MA, MFT is in two days a week, in addition to her other practice site.  Jeff Kropp, MA, MFT is available Friday nights and Saturdays.  You can learn more about them by going to our website, clicking on the Therapists link, and scrolling to the bottom.

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