Meet the Therapist -- Kathleen Reazer

The newest addition to our group of therapists at Families Counseling is Kathleen Reazer.  Kathleen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from San Diego State University, and received her Master of Science in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from California State University, Northridge.

Kathleen has a specialty in trauma Recovery Therapy.  Kathleen trained at the Valley trauma Center in Northridge, where she helped survivors of many traumas including rape, sexual molestation and other violent crimes.  She also worked as a Certified Rape Crisis Advocate where she would accompany rape victims through the trying time of police reports and rape exams.  Kathleen also worked and supervised other counselors on the Valley trauma Center's Crisis Hotline.

Before coming to Families Counseling, Kathleen worked at Lifespring Community Church in Moorpark where she was the staff counselor for over two years.  She provided Christian-based therapy for the parishioners of the church and for the community of Simi and Moorpark areas.

Kathleen has a rich background in the health field where she worked at various hospital settings and clinics.  Her primary interest is in the field of eating disorders, where she worked with leading university and hospital-based programs which treat the morbidly obese population.  Kathleen worked as a Behaviorist with UCLA's Institute for Health Maintenance and Health Management Resources.  Kathleen has also worked as Program Director for the American Cancer Society, and as the Marketing Director for Anacapa Hospital in Port Hueneme.

Kathleen is very committed to the community of Simi Valley and the Ventura County area.  She and her family have lived in Simi Valley and Moorpark since 1969.  Kathleen has been married for 15 years, and has a daughter who is 7 years old.  She enjoys hiking with her daughter and her husky "Sally", watching her daughter dance and perform, and Kathleen loves to sing in her band!

Kathleen is currently taking new clients, and enjoys treating couples, individuals and families.  She has a wide array of experience, but her focused specialties at this time are trauma recovery, anxiety disorders, depression, marital and premarital therapy, and compulsive overeating.  She also works on a sliding scale.  Please call to schedule an appointment or to request any information at (805) 583-3976 X22.

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